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GE Aircraft Engines
Growth Initiative   GE Aircraft Engines in India comprises:
>  Engineering Analysis Center of Excellence (EACOE)
>  Global Technology Solutions (GTS - AE)

GE Aircraft Engines

GE Aircraft Engines and CFM International power over 62 large jet aircraft in India’s civil aviation fleet, including 2 B747s, 6 A300s, 13 A310s and 41 B737s. In India GEAE comprises primarily two business units:

a) Engineering Analysis Center of Excellence (EACoE) focuses on Engineering Analysis for GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE) and GE Power Systems (GEPS) in the areas of solid parametric modelling associated with finite element analysis and design, finite element modelling, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, stress and life analysis, reliability analysis of mechanical components, subsystems and systems. EACoE today is a ~360 strong team comprising PhDs, Masters and Bachelors degree holders from Mechanical, Aerospace, Structural, and Electrical engineering streams.

The EACoE team that works for GEAE focuses on Rotating parts, Structures, Fan & Compressor Airfoils, Configuration, Mechanical Systems, Advanced Combustion, Performance Design, and Propulsion.

The EACoE team that works for GEPS has a product focus on Air cooled Gas Turbines, Steam cooled Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Generators, Turbine Control Reliability & Life Management. The Air cooled Gas Turbine team specifically focuses on the Compressors, Turbines, Combustor, and Packaging Product areas.

b) Global Technology Solutions (GTS - AE): an affiliate of GE Aircraft Engines, was established in September 2001. The center specializes in developing advanced software solutions for GE Aircraft Engines in the areas of mainframe technology, client-server, e-commerce technologies, and ERP.

In addition, there is GE Engine Services that provides complete overhaul and repair services for GE and non-GE engines and components.

GE Marine Engines has a manufacturing and technical license assistance agreement with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) for the assembly, inspection, and test of marine LM 2500 gas turbines selected for Indian Navy Frigate and Air Defense Ship programs. /td>

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Growth Initiative

GE Commercial Finance in India comprises:
>  Commercial Finance
>  Equipment Finance

GE Commercial Finance

GE Commercial Finance with an asset base of US $1.2 billion contributes a Net Income of US $28 million through its 130 employees spread across 18 locations in India.

GE Commercial Finance has been delivering innovative financial solutions since 1993, and offers a kaleidoscopic range of products and services that meet the diverse needs of corporate and retail customers.

It presents a suite of financial solutions and products to cater to varied business needs. Its area of expertise includes — Working Capital Financing, Corporate Guarantee, Bill Discounting, Telecom & Transportation, Health Care, Commercial Vehicles & Construction Equipment Financing, Managing Non-Performing Assets, Aircraft Financing, Commercial Real Estate, Capital Markets & Syndications, and Acquisition Financing.

Being a part of a global conglomerate allows the business to leverage GE’s industrial businesses and package a value proposition as has been successfully done with GE Plastics, GE Medical Systems, and other GE businesses in India.

The use of Six Sigma to strengthen process delivery capabilities has been a prime differentiator for the business. The key thrust has been on building long-term relationships and to innovate products according to the customers’ requirements.

Equipment Finance provides leases, loans, sales, structured finance deals, and asset management services for portfolios of commercial and transportation equipment, including aircraft, auto fleets, office equipments, railroad rolling stock, and data processing equipment

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Growth Initiative

GE Consumer Finance in India comprises:
>  India Bank Cards
>  GE Countrywide
>  Maruti Countrywide

GE Consumer Finance

India Bank Cards: In 1998, two joint ventures between State Bank of India and GE Capital were established to market, issue and service payment cards under the brand, SBI Card. SBI Cards has since emerged as India's fastest growing card and the largest issuer of VISA cards in a short span of four years. In 2002, SBI Cards reached a new milestone — 1,000,000 cards! SBI Cards — Classic, Gold, International, Doctors, Advantage, Mumbai & Kolkata Card — are available in 42 cities across India — the largest distribution network in the country.

  • SBI Cards & Payment Services (SBICPSL) markets and distributes SBI Cards.
  • GE Capital Business Processes Management Services (GEBPMSL) handles the technology and processing needs of SBI Cards in India. It also processes the SBI ATM Cards and manages GE Medical Systems' India Callcentre, Maruti Callcentre, and the SBI Cash Plus Callcentre along with the Jet Airways Frequent Flyer statements.

GE Countrywide is one of India’s leading consumer finance companies. Set up in 1994, the company today has a strong retail distribution network and is present in over 2,500 outlets across 40 cities. The company is a leader in a wide range of products — car finance, consumer durable finance, two-wheeler finance and personal loans. In addition, a new product line Home Equity/Mortgage has been launched in 2002.
  • Strong operations backed by the latest information technology support the product lines. A single database housing 1.6 million customer accounts, latest technology, and centralized operations ensure the best service standards in the industry. Simple, convenient documentation and innovative consumer finance programs are on offer for individuals, corporates, and institutions.

Maruti Countrywide Auto Financial Services, one of India’s leading Maruti car financiers, provides a wide range of simple, convenient, and innovative auto finance schemes for Maruti customers. The company has also built up a leadership position in the used cars finance market. Corporate leasing of cars is another area of focus for the company.
  • GE Countrywide Auto Financial Services provides auto finance for non-Maruti cars.
  • Maruti Countrywide is the leader in the industry with strong manufacturer and dealer relationships and provides two-wheeler finance. Innovative schemes and fast turnaround time ensure market dominance.
  • Sahayog Personal Loans program was relaunched in 2002 with walk-in centers/branches in large cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, and Baroda. In 2003, over 70 branches nationwide would service cash loan requirements of consumers.
  • CRM program is among the most successful customer retention programs wherein existing customers are cross-sold cash loans. Customer retention is currently at an average of 22%.
  • Home equity is the newly launched product from the GE Countrywide portfolio. It is designed to cater to the needs of property owners seeking cash loans. A pilot launch was carried out in Delhi in March 2002.

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GE Capital International Services in India comprises:
> Finance and Accounting               > Software
> Customer Fulfilment                     > Insurance
> Collections                              > IT Services
> Industrial & Equipment                 > Analytics
> Learning & Remote Marketing

GE Capital International Services

GE Capital International Services (GECIS) is a world-class remote processing operation that services its clients from around the world through its IT-enabled services. It was set up in 1996 to carry out back office operations for a number of GE Capital businesses by leveraging the English speaking, highly educated, intellectual capital of India to deliver processes that do not require face-to-face contact with the customer.

GECIS is the largest shared services environment in India. It employs more than 13,000 people delivering over 450 processes to 30 different businesses in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia. Starting with simple data processing, GECIS has constantly moved up the value chain over the last five years, migrating more and more complex processes from diverse businesses across GE. GECIS is now a global company headquartered in India with operations in the Americas, Asia (Dalian, China), and Eastern Europe (Hungary).

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GE Consumer Products in India comprises:
>  Appliances
>  Lighting

GE Consumer Products

GE Consumer Products - Appliances India:
GE Consumer Products - Bangalore, is the IT arm of GECP providing end to end solutions for manufacturing & production, finance, sales, HR & Legal and consumer home services. Set up in August 2001, the vision of the company is to become a world leader in IT services delivering Speed, Quality and Cost-out. With 220 people, GECP BLR provides 24x7 support and delivers world- class projects. The team is proficient in Enterprise Java web technologies, IVR / ICR, Information warehousing, Wireless/Voice applications, EDI, XML, B2B Integration, Oracle and multiple platforms such as Unix, IBM mainframes, Windows NT and AS/400.

GE Consumer Products - Lighting India was set up in 1992 to manufacture and market the entire range of light sources as well as their components. As the most integrated manufacturer of lamp sources in India, the company markets a wide range of world-class, long lasting, energy efficient, and high quality light sources and luminaries in India and the neighboring countries under the brand names GE and Cema. The product range covers the complete spectrum of light sources including halogen, high intensity discharge, fluorescent and compact fluorescent, and luminaries for indoor and outdoor applications. The company also designs lighting installations including indoor commercial, industrial, architectural, residential, monumental, and stadia in accordance with international standards using Europic, a proprietary, sophisticated lighting application package.

Some of GE Lighting’s prestigious installations in India include IBM, John F. Welch Technology Centre, GE Capital, ITPL Bangalore, Mindtree, TCS, Pantaloon and Cisco among others.

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GE CNBC in India: CNBC Asia has entered into a joint venture with Television Eighteen India to produce all the India-based programs for the dedicated India feed of CNBC Asia. Television Eighteen also markets the channel to advertisers in India.

CNBC India has carved out a strong niche that is growing everyday, fuelled by a growing corporate and business culture and the burgeoning community of active investors.

The channel has inherent content development capabilities and a number of firsts that are yet to be emulated — coverage of stock markets from the opening trade to the closing quote, the live 24-hour stock market ticker, corporate result exclusives, Hindi business news bulletins and so on. The channel offers its sophisticated audience a comprehensive business information package of real-time news and analysis of the markets, corporate news and discussions along with personality interviews encompassing rich insights into various business sectors and the economy. This is supported by a proprietary network of bureaus, correspondents, and analysts across the country.

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Growth Initiative

GE Industrial Systems in India comprises:
>  India Business Center              > Thermometrics
>  Power Controls                  >  Motors
>  GE Fanuc


GE Industrial System

GE India Business Center is a dedicated design and development center for GE Industrial Systems. Incorporated on January 4, 1999 as a joint venture between Satyam Computer Services Ltd and GE Industrial Systems, it became a 100% subsidiary of GE in August 2002. With over 900 associates, IBC offers a spectrum of services in Mechanical Design, IT, and Electronics.

  • The Design team works on products related to Industrial systems and controls such as a variety of Turbine Controls, Capacitors, Switch Gears, Industrial and Commercial Motors, Safety Switches etc., conforming to the highest safety systems in the US, European and Asian markets. The major areas of work include new product design; systems design, Finite Element Analysis; motion simulations, and modelling using CAD/CAE.
  • The IT Services team serves as a one-stop shop that develops applications and software solutions for the customers and function leaders of GE Industrial Systems (GEIS) and employees. The team is involved in developing work flow applications, decision-making modules, and enhancing customer facilitation by eliminating back-room operations using advanced IT technologies including Data Warehousing, AS/400, Java/JSP, Dot Net, Matrix One, Oracle ERP, SAP, and CRM.
  • The Electronics team offers domain expertise in Power Management, Energy Management, Wizard Development, Electrical Protection, and Real Time Systems using open systems, Web technologies, and embedded systems.

    GE Power Controls India manufactures and markets a wide range of Electrical Protection and distribution systems, which can be used in homes, commercial buildings, factories, and utilities. It offers a full range of Low Voltage products - control gear, fuse gear, switching devices, contactors as well as a facility to design and manufacture electrical distribution equipment. The company’s Services Division undertakes turnkey electrification and erection and commissioning of Operation and Maintenance Projects in various Industries, Utilities and Infrastructure development with full product and technology support from GE Power Controls Europe, and GE Industrial Systems USA. GE Power Controls has also set up a Technology Development Center in Bangalore to design and develop Switchgear and protection systems for global markets. GE Power Controls also set up an Engineering centre for Electrical application engineering for GE Industrial Systems USA.

    GE Fanuc Systems (a joint venture of GE and Fanuc / Japan) is a global enterprise dedicated to helping companies around the world better manage their systems and processes through industrial automation solutions. Its reputation rests on unparalleled experience in automation control, expertise in engineering, and systems integration. The product offerings include a comprehensive range of programmable logic controllers, embedded control, motion control, CIMPLICITY HMI (Human Machine Interface) software products, and enterprisewide CPM (Collaborative Production Management) solutions. GEF strives to design and manufacture products and solutions that are simple to install, free from defects, easy to use, and that give customers the flexibility and range of features essential to meeting their objectives. The company provides training and full-service support to ensure that systems keep working at top capacity. It also maintains the regional repair facility for the Asia Pacific region. GEF is ISO 9001:2000 compliant and re-dedicates itself to superior products and services every day through its Six Sigma Quality Initiative.

    GE Thermometrics India (GETI) is a leader in the design and manufacture of Thermistors, Probes Electronic Thermostats, and Controllers. It has three manufacturing facilities in Bangalore, one serving the Indian Market and the other two serving global markets.

    GE Thermometrics India products find applications in Automobiles, Appliances, Medical Care, Lighting, Air-conditioning, and other industrial fields. GETI has a well-qualified professional team of 63 driving this business.

    GETI has been accredited with ISO 9002 and QS 9000 certifications from UL (Under Writers Laboratory). It has a well-established reliability test center with facilities for endurance tests at low and high temperatures, humidity tests, thermal shock tests, etc. for automotive, biomedical, air-conditioning, and other industrial applications.

    GE Motors India has a leadership position in fractional horsepower motors of world-class technology, design and quality, serving the white goods market and Motors suited for Heating, Air-conditioning, refrigeration & washing machine applications. Additionally, it serves as a base for the Middle East, South East Asia and the Australian markets. The Company is also a major exporter to the U.S. The India facilities are equipped with world-class application engineering and life testing laboratories and GE Motors India is acknowledged as the highest quality and most cost competitive manufacturer among other GE facilities worldwide. It is ISO 9000 certified and products are UL approved. GE Motors expanded its operations in 2002 by setting-up a Six Sigma Quality Export Oriented Unit (EOU). The new plant manufactures Washing Machine Motors for GE Appliances, USA.

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    GE Medical Systems in India comprises:
    >  Wipro GE                                       >  GE Ultrasound
    >  GE BEL                                          >  GEMS - IT     

    >  Global Technology Operations (GTO)

    GE Medical Systems

    "GEMS SA has an unparalleled organization of sales and service professionals in countries in South Asia — India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Maldives. In India, there are 14 branch locations, 18 service locations, 75 value partners (distributors), and 63 service franchisees. GE Medical Systems has installed an on-line medical network in India that uses GE diagnostic and medical equipment, and connects nearly 50 centers across the country. It has also signed a clinical research agreement with Escorts Heart Institute (EHIRC) to set up Asia’s first cardiac screening center. "

    Wipro GE Medical Systems is a joint venture between GE Medical Systems and Wipro Corporation. A US $165 million company, it is India’s largest medical systems sales, and service provider and is the market leader with unmatched distribution and service reach in South Asia. Wipro GE, which manufactures and exports products for global markets, pioneered the manufacture of Ultrasound scanner and CT scanner systems in India for global markets and regional markets, respectively. Its business activities include:

  • Design and manufacture of Ultrasound scanners and Cardiology products like ECG and Fetal Monitors for the Global Market
  • Software services and Technology solutions for GE products manufactured worldwide
  • Sales and service of the full line of Medical Imaging and Information Technology products offered by GE Medical Systems
  • Wipro GE’s service logistics network provides access to the GE Global System for parts and service logistics. It also provides applications support and customer training at leading centers through Training-in-Partnership (TiP) programs.

    GE Medical Systems India (Pvt) Ltd, previously known as GE Medical Systems X-Ray (South Asia), a 100% GE Medical Systems Unit, designs, sources, and manufactures the complete range of diagnostic imaging systems such as Surgical C-arms, MR Subsystems and Coils, Generators, Gold Seal systems, MR, and Nuclear Positioners. Over 25,000 customers in India are using state-of-the-art GE X-ray systems.

    GE BEL, a joint venture between Bharat Electronics Limited and GE, designs, develops, and manufactures X-ray and CT Tubes, sublevel components, and HV Tanks and Detectors. The GE BEL facility in Bangalore is the largest integrated tube plant in GE. The tubes (CT and X-ray) and components manufactured by GE BEL form the heart of all GE CT and X-ray systems supplied worldwide.

    GEMS Global Technology Operations - India is the second engineering organization in GEMS with 400 engineers. GTO India focuses on Product Development, Product Software, Clinical application, Hardware Subsystems, and Productivity Programs for global customers. GTO India has demonstrated software leadership across GEMS through ownership of 80 percent of all SW platforms and SW for MR/PET/X-ray/CT. It is also the CoE for Positioners, including GE’s first ever tilt table for INNOVA 4100, Coils for MR, X-ray Generators for all global products, value C-Arms, Patient Monitoring systems, mid-tier PACS, and Service Technology. GTO India delivered key products in 2002 — the highly acclaimed FlexiView 8800 and the high volume patient monitors, MAC C and Mac J. GTO India contributed 151 Invention Disclosures in 2001 and 2002 leading to 58 patents being filed. GTO India was the seventh organization in the world to achieve CMM Level 5 status, and is now aiming for CMMi Level 5 status, to be among an elite group of 35 organizations in the world and probably the only medical devices company in 2003.

    GE Ultrasound: The GE Ultrasound Operations in India covers both Manufacturing organization and the Sales and Service organization. The Manufacturing organization comprises the Engg and operations, which is the sole developer and manufacterer for L100 and L3 for global markets, and the Sales and Service business caters to all Ultrasound products and diverse needs of our customers.The combined turnover of the Ultrasound organization is $65MM.

    GEMS - IT: GEMS-IT India is one of the three verticals of the GEMS business. The business in India is worth close to $10MM, , and has a strong leadership position in the Cardiology business, leveraging the strong "Marquette" and "Prucka" technology platforms. The Clinical systems business has grown over the few years with installs at prestigious hospital groups like Escorts, Apollo and Manipal - this is expected to be further strengthened with the recently concluded acquisition of Instrumentarium (Datex-Ohmeda India).

    On the Imaging and Information Systems (IIS) front, GE has led the development of the PACS market in India with successful installs at luminary sites like CMC Vellore and Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.

    Overall, GEMS-IT India is well on its way to "Digitally Transforming Healthcare."

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    GE Power Systems

    In India, GEPS has an installed base of more than 200 GE designed Gas Turbines. GEPS has supplied Steam Turbine Generators to all major power utilities. Its customers include all major Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution companies, IPPs, Gas Transmission Companies, and Petroleum Refining and Distribution Companies in the Public and Private sector.

    Products and Services
    GEPS offers a full spectrum of power plant solutions depending on the customer's specific requirements: "equipment-only" packages, engineered packages, or total "turn key" projects. The products include gas turbines, steam turbines, power generation technology, generators, compressors, and turbine control systems.

    In addition, GEPS provides complete solutions to the Oil and Gas Industry supplying centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, reactors, dispensers, and gas turbines. GEPS also offers advanced, intelligent solutions that include performance optimization software solutions, substation automation, and distribution control systems.

    Distributed Power provides on-site power generation solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

    For all of the above products, GEPS has customized programs that offer long-term service contracts for planned and unplanned maintenance, while guaranteeing availability and performance.

    Energy Rentals is a new GEPS business launched in June 1999. It provides short- and long-term rental solutions for power generation. Power generation equipment ranges from 6kW to 20MW in a single package, and can be configured in combinations of multiple units for large applications. Industries served include utilities, industrial, construction, pharmaceutical, and corporate/special events and entertainment. Services include application assistance, planning, logistics, installation, and operation.

    Wind Energy, the newest GEPS business, provides clean energy technology for the 21st century. GE Wind Energy has a global installed base of more than 5,100 turbines.

    GE Wind Energy is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality wind turbine generators (WTGs). It is a part of GE Power Systems, USA, which is one of the world’s leading companies in the power sector. GE Wind Energy always aims to deliver reliable, high quality products and improve the cost-effectiveness of wind power generation.

    GE Wind Energy’s products range from 900 KW to 3.6 MW. Presently, the 1.5 MW wind turbine generator is among the first commercially available machines of this size in the European and American markets.

    In India and region, GE Wind Energy offers not only turn key projects equipped with our 900 KW and 1.5 MW wind turbines, but also a wide range of services surrounding the realisation of a wind power project, such as site evaluation and selection.

    Bentley Nevada is the world's leading supplier of products and services for delivering information on the mechanical and thermodynamic health of industrial machinery and other assets. It has the largest installed base of machinery protection and continuous condition monitoring systems in the world, and our solutions are an essential part of an effective plant asset management strategy.

    In India, Bentley Nevada is entrusted with the responsibility of handling all sales and service issues related to Bentley Nevada products. Some of our customers are in the sectors of Power, Hydrocarbon processing industries (Refineries, Petrochemicals, and Fertilizers), and Oil and Gas Pipeline and Chemical Industries. We, also, closely work with Consultancy firms like EIL, MN & Dastur, Projects Development Corporation, etc. to educate and highlight the advantages of having a BN system in their customer plants.

    Global Sourcing: This is a global procurement network that drives the entire supply chain to be as interconnected as technology will allow. Global Sourcing seeks to locate, engage, and develop a network of strategic suppliers that will be positioned to provide the highest quality products in the shortest time span to meet the customer's needs and demands in today's global energy markets. The principle focus is and will be to provide the lowest total cost to the businesses without compromising quality and delivery. The Polar Operations team focuses on fulfillment — quality and on-time delivery from our suppliers — and will be globally staffed to be "at the supplier, for the customer."

    JVs in India: BHEL-GE Gas Turbine Services is a joint venture between GE and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Besides offering after-market services for GE technology heavy duty gas turbines, BGGTS workshop in Hyderabad provides for in-country repairs. Products offered include the supply of parts, CMUs (conversion, modification, and uprate), inspections, and training to customers in the Indian subcontinent.

    GE Power Services India Ltd. (GEPSIL), a joint venture between GE and IGE (International General Electric) offers after-sales repairs, sale of parts as well as conversion, modernization, installation, and uprate services of GE steam turbines and generators.

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    GE Plastics

    GE Plastics in India: GE Plastics India manufactures and markets a range of versatile high performance engineering thermoplastics, including LEXAN® (Polycarbonate resins), NORYL® (modified PPO resins), VALOX® (thermoplastic polyester resins), CYCOLOY® (PC/ABS resins), and Xenoy® (PC/PBT resins). With this diverse mix of engineering plastics, GE Plastics’ product portfolio covers a comprehensive range of polymers offering exceptional strength, rigidity, durability, and heat and chemical resistance. In addition to the resins, the company also has a range of LEXAN® Polycarbonate sheets (LEXAN® Compact, LEXAN® Corrugated, LEXAN® Multiwall, and LEXAN® Embossed) used for roofing, glazing, and signage applications, as well as films and formed products for a variety of applications in the building and construction industry. The company has regional offices in major cities and a strong all-India distribution network with 10 distributors and 50 business associates/dealers that service customer needs nationwide.

    GE Plastics’ compounding plant in Vadodara is equipped with modern material handling and logistics systems (from raw materials to finished products) that provide the unique flexibility to serve diverse material specifications. GE Plastics India provides customer support in application development through its technical services and design teams. The plant is also equipped with extensive materials development and testing labs to help in the customization of material. Interfacing with the GE’s John F. Welch Technology Center at Bangalore, GE Plastics also offers its customers extensive design and engineering support ranging from innovative concepts, part processing optimisation and structural analysis to tooling advice.

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    GE Global Research

    The Global Research Center in Bangalore, India is a multidisciplinary research and development center that expands GE’s research and development capabilities, accelerating the company’s delivery of advanced technology to its global customers. The Center collaborates with GE’s three other R&D facilities that form the GE Global Research team (the Research Center in Schenectady, NY; Munich, Germany; and Shanghai, China) to conduct research, development, and engineering activities for all of GE’s diverse businesses worldwide.

    Drawing on India’s unique multidisciplinary skills, the Center is home to state-of-the-art labs working on research and development in the areas of mechanical engineering, electronic and electrical system technology, ceramics and metallurgy, catalysis and advanced chemistry, chemical engineering and process, polymer science and new synthetic materials, process modeling and simulation, information technology, power electronics, and analysis technologies.

    The 545,000 square foot Center has already filed for more than 50 patents for research and development activities here in Bangalore and has been granted 2 already.

    The Center incorporates the latest technology and e-engineering tools to facilitate real-time global interaction with GE's businesses, technology centers, and customers. Technology teams from GE Global Research, GE Transportation Systems (GETS), GE Medical Systems (GEMS), GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE), GE Plastics (GEP), and GE Power Systems (GEPS) work with teams globally to provide cutting edge technology and innovation for GE.

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    GE Speciality Materials in India comprises:
    >  GE Bayer Silicones
    >  GE BETZ

    GE Specialty Materials

    GE Bayer Silicones India (a wholly owned subsidiary of the joint venture between GE Silicones, Europe and Bayer Silicones, Germany) manufactures speciality silicone products for virtually every industry including automotive, building and construction, consumer hardware, personal care, electrical/electronics, label systems, OEM assembly, plastics, and telecommunications.

    GE Betz India is a leader in the engineered chemical treatment of water and process systems in industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. Its products are used in plant utilities such as boilers, cooling towers, and wastewater systems, as well as in manufacturing operations. It caters to industries such as steel, fertilizers, and refineries.

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    GE Transportation Systems in India comprises:
    > GE Transportation Systems (GETS)
    > Global Sourcing

    GE Transportation Systems

    Engineering Design & Development Center (EDDC) in India has taken a lead role in supporting the business by providing engineering design solutions for a wide range of transportation needs on a worldwide basis. Various groups at EDDC focus on technology enhancement and upgrade in the field of Power Electronics, Control Systems, Cooling Systems, Software Solutions, System Engineering, and Diesel Engine Engineering to develop high power locomotives, enhance the performance of the existing locomotives, and also to contribute towards developing future generation locomotives with the latest technology and emission norms to serve global markets.

    EDDC is also extending support to the Indian Railways for upgrading and modernizing ALCO locomotives and is committed to support all the initiatives of Indian Railways in improving productivity through equipment redesign, indigenization, and kit supplies.

    Sourcing Division of GETS in India has been set up to source components from cost competitive Asian countries. Asian countries have been targeted to achieve maximum deflation. EDDC and Sourcing division are working in synergy to ensure quick turnaround time of the various loco components that are sourced from Asian countries.

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